Why I Started To Blog

Lots of you have been asking me why I have decided to set up this blog. The reason for this blog is to be able to tell stories about the daily things that happen in my life and to be able to write about what I like! I had been thinking about setting up a blog for some time now, and I read blogs very often. My main objective for this blog is that people enjoy what I write and I hope to learn new blogging skills along the way!

I set up this blog using WordPress.com as most of the blogs I have read are using this platform and it is very simple to use, that’s what I like about it! I created a like page on Facebook a couple of months back and it has gathered over 4600 followers since then. I have over 6000 on Instagram and Snapchat also. Snapchat and Instagram are a great way to share photos and videos but I thought i would like to create a blog to be able to write about these topics as well as sharing photos at the same time. You can follow me on Snapchat or instagram if you would like (Username: patrickmungovan)
Starting this blog has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and that is what I really look forward to. I am very happy that I set up this page, and thank you all so far for following my blog and the great messages 😊

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  1. Love reading about your life in the most beautiful part of the world! Connects people to places & always makes me smile. Proud of your upbeat, positive attitude, your love & respect for your family & siblings and your faith in a future that is bright! Love seeing your updates, the scenery, your photography on land and from your drone, your travels, your food reviews …& mostly,…the twins…both sets!! Can’t wait to come visit, someday!

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