Pilaten Black Mask 

So I thought I’d like to share this review of the Pilaten black mask with you all. I received this tube of the black mask in the post a few weeks back, as a product to test out to do a review on.

I’m not one of these people to do a fake review and say a product is great just because I got it for free or whatever the situation may be. Myself and my mother were bored on a Friday night so I said I would let her do the testing while I stood back and watched 😂

Firstly she washed her face and then dried with a warm towel as the instructions said to do, next she applied the black mask on an area which is known as the “T Zone”. This part of your face is shown in the photo below.

With that applied, we sat down and watched TV for half an hour while we waited for it to dry. I couldn’t wait for it to be dry to see it being peeled off, as I had seen some previous videos that made it out to be extremely painful and difficult to remove.

My mother Geraldine began to peel off the mask. Within about 20 seconds the whole mask had been peeled off without causing any pain or removing any of the blackheads and whatever else it’s supposed to remove.

The end review is that we were very disappointed with this product and found that it did not have any impact on her face whatsoever. It may look great on the videos online but to be honest it does NOT work! It is also very messy.  Patrick

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