Airmid Shampoo Bar

Today I received one of these shampoo bars from Tina at Airmid Natural Irish Skincare. It is shampoo for your hair but it’s in a solid bar rather than a liquid. The bar I got is rosemary and wild Irish nettle. I couldn’t wait to have a shower to try it out!

Airmid natural Irish skincare are a family run business who originally started out in The Burren in county Clare. They have moved to Waterville in county Kerry and have a large range of products for sale. All the products are handmade and they only use locally sourced ingredients.

Anyways back to the shampoo bar again, my first thought when I opened it was that it looked great. It is 100% natural and even the packaging is fully recycled and the labelling looks fantastic.

The instructions on the packaging were very clear and you couldn’t go wrong! Simply wet your hair, and rub it on your hands until a lather forms. Put it on your hair and then rinse well. Simple as that!

The shampoo bar is great if you have any dandruff or a red itchy scalp. I tried out this product for myself an I have to say I am extremely happy with it! I find it is a lot easier to use than a normal bottle of shampoo, which often spills all over the floor in the shower! As the ingredients in the bar are all natural, it does not do any damage to your hair or remove any natural oils!

There was a brilliant shine from my hair after using this, and the smell was really nice. This product is brilliant and I will definitely be using it again and I can highly recommend it.

You can have a look at their website here and order a bar if you would like to try it for yourself!

Follow this link to check it out: Airmid Natural Irish Shampoo Bar
Thank you Tina for sending me this fantastic product! Patrick


  1. I couldn’t see the ingredients and also, how it goes with hard water? I used low poo shampoos and shampoo bar for some time, didn’t work because of the hard water in Dublin. I started no poo then, it worked for some time only. I had to go back to natural products but with sulfate. Any tips?

    1. Thanks for your comment Cynthia. In fact most of the areas in county Clare have hard water and I still found it works great. Lots of suds started to form straight away. Patrick

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