7 Days In Poland – Warsaw & Krakow

Poland had always been one of the places in Europe I wanted to visit, so when I got the opportunity, I grabbed it! Myself & Megan had just returned home from a week in Lanzarote and decided to plan another trip for two months later. We decided to book Poland and I could not wait to go. I have always read so much about Poland and looked at many pictures online of how beautiful it was.

We booked return flights from Shannon airport which cost €250 for the both of us. The hotel cost €370 for the week, which was a lovely hotel in a great location in the middle of the city. We flew out on Good Friday, and landed later that night! We got a taxi to our hotel in Krakow and we went out for food and a few drinks. The one thing I had always presumed about Poland is that their currency is Euro, considering it is in the European Union. The currency in Poland is złoty, we discovered this only a few days before traveling, so we were panicking to have our money changed on time.

I have to say that Krakow was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, it looked very old fashioned but still quite modern at the same time. There were lots of horses and carriages around the main square which brought people on a trip around the city.

Our hotel was just around the corner from the Wawel Cathedral which was breathtaking from the outside and inside as shown in the photos below! There were various mass times on a sign as you enter, but we didn’t stay for a ceremony.

As it was just the two of us in Poland, we researched the nightlife online and found a pub crawl which helps tourists meet up with different people from all over the world and head out in the city for the night! We contacted them and booked our places. The pub crawl is called ‘Krawl Through Krakow’ and we met the group at 9PM that night in the main square. Immediately we got to meet new people from Spain, America, England, Ireland, just to name a few.

We got to meet so many lovely people including a few which I still have contact with since returning home! The pub crawl cost us €15 each which included all you can drink alcohol for two hours, and entry to all the top pubs/clubs in Krakow. We joined up with the pub crawl group a few more times during the week as they went to different venues every night and it was nice to chat to new people.

There’s lots to do in Krakow, including shopping centers, restaurants, etc. The streets were always busy and had a nice atmosphere around the whole city. We went in March, which was a fairly cold time of year to visit Poland. It was around 11 degrees Celsius during the day but dropped to -1 at night time. The weather stayed dry for the trip so it was nothing that a pair of gloves and a jacket wouldn’t sort out!

We planned two trips while we were there, the first was to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This is a UNESCO site and is visited by over a million tourists every year. We booked this tour at a tourist office (which are all over the place). The cost of the tour was about €25 each which included a return taxi to and from the salt mine. The salt mine was absolutely amazing but the thing I didn’t like was the amount of steps we had to walk down to get to it! I think there were approx 300 steps which seemed to take us ages and we had been out the night before so we felt a bit sick halfway through it haha. It was all worth it once we got to the bottom and saw how nice it was.

It was like a city underground, I wasn’t sure what to expect before seeing this, but it did not disappoint! They have a gift shop and a restaurant there too! I must also say that when you are in your tour group, do not leave it! We left the group for a few minutes which caused a big scene with our guide and the entire group of 30 people had to be stopped until they found us at the restaurant eating our chicken nuggets lol.

The next trip we did was to go and see the concentration camp. We visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau sites. We had been advised not to do this tour until a day or two before flying home, as it’s a very sad sight to see and I just could not stop thinking about it for the rest of our holiday!

Now don’t get me wrong, it was nice to get to see this world famous concentration camp, but at the same time I found it very eery and upsetting to hear about the shocking things that happened the people who were sent there. They had rooms full of real hair which was taken from the people before they were killed. They also had a full room of suitcases with the children’s names wrote onto them, along with old clothes and shoes which were all kept behind large glass walls.

The tour guide told us stories of what happened when the people arrived at the camp, and even brought us into the gas chamber where thousands of people were killed. I didn’t take any photos in the chambers, to be honest I didn’t like that part and could not wait to get out of it. We also got the see the shooting wall where people had to stand and got shot while at the wall.

Overall I would definitely recommend a visit to this site, but as I said above, leave it last on your bucket list before you go home!

I nearly forgot to mention, halfway through the week, we got a train to Warsaw where we spent the night at a 5 star hotel which my sister Majella booked for us! Warsaw is a lovely city but to be honest it’s full of tall buildings and felt like visiting a city in Ireland. There were still a few lovely parts to see but it looked very built up. The picture below was the view from our bedroom on the 17th floor!

Warsaw old town was lovely, it’s just like you see in the pictures. The buildings were lovely colours and there was a great atmosphere around with all the different restaurants and locals selling gifts at the side of the footpath. There’s a large shopping center about a five minute walk away from the old town which had every type of shop you could want!

Oh and one more thing, don’t lose your train ticket as the train workers don’t speak much English, and you will get a fine! I know this from our personal experience haha.

Overall it was a great trip and I would love to go back again, but i wouldn’t bother going to Warsaw again! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for reading!

Gelli Baff

Hi guys, so after winning best male influencer last week in the blog awards, I’m back again to show you this cool new product I tested!

This product is called gelli play/baff. It simply does what it says on the box, it turns water into jelly! I could not wait to take this out of the box after getting it.

In the pack, it includes a 40g bag of gelli powder which you simply add to a bowl of water or bath! The more water you add, the more slimy it will feel. Mix it with your hand for a few seconds and it magically turns into jelly.

This product is suitable for kids from the age of 3 and up. It is also non irritant and does not leave stains after use. I would advise that a parent/guardian supervises while a child plays with this as the color looks very appealing and I can imagine a child would love to taste it. It’s one of the coolest products I’ve tried and I think it would be the ideal stocking filler for Christmas.

Once you have enough of playing with it, pour in the gelli dissolver and within a few seconds it will turn back into water again!

You can get this product in Smyths toy stores and also available on various different online shops too. It comes in various different colors and i would highly recommend it! I know I’m 23 years of age, but who doesn’t enjoy a look around in the toy shops for something cool? I will be showing you my top 5 toys for Christmas this year, so if you would like to see a review of anything in particular, please comment or email me – Hello@PatrickMungovan.com. Thanks for reading.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve always said that I will always give a totally honest review of a product, whether it is a sponsored post or not I will always give my own personal opinion!

I tried out this deep sleep pillow spray for 3 nights, I had tried it last year but I didn’t find any advantage of using it, I was willing to give it one more chance!

I sprayed it onto my pillow and tried to sleep, as the instructions said. Personally I didn’t find this product any good, in fact I found that I was up for a few hours sneezing. My sister had also used the pillow spray and found that she was up sneezing too after lying down for a while.

The box says that it is clinically proven and also has a very high percentage of people who found that it worked for them. It’s use may differ with everyone but I didn’t find it any good for me!

There is also a very strong smell of lavender from this spray, which I found a bit strong at first. I would love to hear your thoughts on this product if you have ever tried it before! Please let me know 😘

PropShopper Costume Shop

My favourite time of the year is Halloween. I love the dark evenings in the winter so when I get to dress up for Halloween, it’s always so much fun!

PropShopper is Ireland’s newest costume store, selling a wide range of men’s, women’s, and kids costumes along with a great selection of makeup kits and even sugar glass!

When I got the chance to collaborate with PropShopper, I couldn’t give it a miss! I love nothing more than getting all dressed up and scary looking to frighten my parents haha!

I tried out the bullet wound kit. I found it very easy to apply and the instructions were very clear on the packaging too. I really liked the bullet wound as it is allergy and latex free, which makes it the ideal kit to apply as there’s no worry about any skin allergies from applying it!

That’s the kit in the above photo! I have tried kits similar to this before but I could never get them to stay on long enough, they would usually start to peel and fall off. This is definitely the best one I’ve tried over all the years, you apply it using water (much like the fake tattoos I used as a child).

You simply open the bullet wound, cut around it to make the ideal shape that you want, stick it to your hand and rub a sponge on the back of it to get it to transfer onto your arm/face etc.

I couldn’t wait for it to transfer to see what it looked like! My first impression was that it was well stuck on and there was no way it would fall off. Having said that, it is still simple to remove and painless.

I added some fake blood just to make it look a bit more realistic with the blood dripping off it! I was really happy with the way it came out!

If you want to check out the bullet wound you can click here – Bullet Wound.

  • PropShopper also added some cool new bits to their website today, including:
  • A wizard kit

    2 types of fake blood
    Long wavy siren wig
    Face paint
    Special effect throat wound

All of the above items are available here – PropShopper.

I also have a discount code which is PATRICKMUNGOVAN. If you enter that code at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order!

Thanks for reading, you can contact me if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help!

This is a sponsored blog post by PropShopper.ie and all social media posts relating to this are also sponsored!

My Twin And I

I have recently been looking through old pictures so I decided to put this blog post together! As most of you know, I had a twin brother Stephen who tragically passed away in October 2015, this is a little bit about myself and my twin brother Stephen and the lovely memories I have of him!

We were born on September 11th 1995, in Galway hospital, and raised near a small village called Quilty, in county Clare. I live in the countryside so we were well used of being out in the fields playing as kids! Stephen and I attended Annagh national school for 8 years where we met some of our best friends, some of which are still my best friends to this day! To be honest, we were never big fans of school, but always looked forward to meeting our friends everyday to have the craic and play football with.

This photo was taken the day of our fifth birthday, the same week we started in primary school. I still remember that day, I’ll never forget how uncomfortable the tie was! We went to secondary school in Spanish Point which we were also never big fans of! We loved going for the fun and laughs but not so much for the rest of it.

I have some great memories with Stephen, including hundreds of pictures of us doing different things and going different places. I think that it is so important to take photos, as you never know when it could be the last one you take of someone.

This was us as babies, look how cute we were! By the way, the flower is in the background, not stuck in my ear. Some of these pictures aren’t the best quality as it was before the days of iPhones and proper cameras.

I have two sisters, Majella & Jennifer. I have a brother Declan, I also had another brother Michael but he sadly passed away in the year 2000. My brother Declan and sisters mean the world to me, the youngest of my siblings was 13 when we were born, I’m sure they were fed up of babysitting us at times haha. Family and friends are the most important thing you can have in life, without them you have nothing in my own opinion.

This is a picture of myself, Stephen, Jennifer, and Majella at our first cousins wedding a few years ago.

The best memories I have of Stephen are when we went on our holidays. My parents always brought us to Lanzarote as kids and we loved it, we always got to meet other kids our own age and we enjoyed splashing around in the pool.

We got on great together, as with all siblings we had our arguments but we always just forgot about it five minutes later and moved on. Stephen was a trainee mechanic with Charlie Mc Enery who owns and runs a garage in Ennis, Clare. Stephen had always wanted to become a mechanic and always had a huge interest in cars. He used to change his car every few weeks, always trading them for a different type every time. Stephen absolutely adored his work with Charlie and all of the other lads in the garage. He got on great with them all and they treated him with great respect from the first day of his job.

This was often the inside of our house when he would come home from work with a new set of wheels for a car. Stephen was always messing around with cars and always adding extras to his own cars, tinted windows, spoilers, etc.

I’m so grateful for all the memories that we have together, I’ll never forget him and I always look at the pictures of the good times. We celebrated our birthday together every year, which was so special.

This picture was our 16th birthday.

For our 19th birthday, we requested a minion cake which we got, it tasted very nice and we got a great laugh out of it when we walked in the door.

One of the best holidays we had was going to California to visit our brother Declan who was living there at the time. We were 17 at the time and we went for 10 days accompanied by our sister Jennifer. It was the trip of a lifetime. We flew into San Francisco international airport, then we met up with Declan who hired a car and then drove us all the way down the coast as far as San Diego. We stopped in many places along the way, including Hollywood which was really cool. We went to visit Alcatraz prison which was nice to see but also a bit eery considering the circumstances. It was definitely one of my favourite trips and I will always cherish the memories of it. I have posted a few pictures from California below!

We also went to see a baseball game along with visiting the theme parks which were all great fun, apart from the roller coasters which we were terrified of!

Another great memory I have is of going to our debs. I brought my friend Aoife and Stephen brought Caoimhe. We had such a great day and night celebrating with our friends.

I have so many pictures to post on here but I could be here for a week writing this and still have so much to say. I will never forget my brother Stephen and all of the great times we had together. Life is hard without him, it still doesn’t seem real at times! I have the best family anyone could ever ask for and also the best friends which all keep me going! Life is tough, but I know that I have great people around me which make each day a little easier and my family are very close to each other which is great as we all stick together when times are tough!

Stephen will always be in our hearts and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

Myself and Stephen shared most of the same friends together so I will share a few photos of us with our friends to finish off this post. Thank you all for taking the time to read this ❤️

Gran Canaria

Good afternoon everyone! I really need to start updating this more but I’ve been gone away a lot recently!

I have visited the Canary Islands many times, in particular, Lanzarote. This time I wanted to visit a different island to see what else the canaries had to offer! I got in contact with my local travel counsellor, Melanie!

I explained to her that I’d like to go for a week and wanted a hotel with air conditioning as the weather would be hot! She was very accommodating and had multiple options to choose from. You can have a look at Melanie’s Facebook page here: Melanie Cahill Travel Counsellor.

Myself and my friend Ryan decided to book a week in a 4 star all inclusive hotel resort. Melanie looked after everything for us so all we had to do was to pack our bags!

We flew from Dublin airport which was fine with us as we had the car left at a nearby parking zone. We boarded the flight and could not wait to arrive in the heat. The flight was 4 hours long, we landed and were met at the door by a rep for the travel company which was great as they escorted us to our bus and took our bags.

We were expecting it to be warm, but it turned out to be 36 degrees for the entire week! It was great and such a difference to the weather here in Ireland! We checked into our hotel which was super clean and very posh. We got our all inclusive wristbands which entitled us to eat and drink as much as we wanted for 7 days. (back at the gym now so hopefully it won’t have affected me much haha)

That was the name of the hotel! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone. The rooms were so clean, the resort has 2 swimming pools, a gym, 2 bars, an art shop, and 3 restaurants which each had their own theme. We had a great view from our balcony bedroom as you can see in the photo below.

The hotel is located about ten minutes walk away from the beach. It’s a lovely walk to the beach with many pubs, restaurants and shops along the way. If you prefer to get a taxi, it costs €3 to get down to the beach. The food in the hotel was delicious and we ate there every day which saved us spending more in restaurants a few times a day. They had a great selection each day, including fresh fruit, pizza, chicken, pasta, beef, etc.

We also enjoyed the nightlife in Gran Canaria. We had a few drinks at the hotel each night before heading down the street to the Irish bars and nightclubs. Our favorite bar to visit was called Molly Malone’s. The staff were so nice to us and all had great personalities and very jolly.

There were many bars to choose from, we also enjoyed The Irish Tavern, its a karaoke bar which was great fun. The 2 main nightclubs in Playa Del Inglés are Pacha & Chinawhite. The nightclubs were brilliant and very lively. They were very expensive though, at €19 for 2 vodkas it’s a place you probably wouldn’t spend all night there. Most of the bars are also shisha bars. It was nice to have a few drinks and smoke the flavored shisha.

The cocktails were the nicest I’ve ever had! They all included plenty of ice which we wanted as we found it extremely hot during the day. My favorite was the strawberry daiquiri, and also the coconut cocktail which was served in a real coconut.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Gran Canaria, it’s very similar to Lanzarote, perhaps not as lively by night but it’s still worth a trip to see the gorgeous island. There’s lots to do, including boat trips, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, golfing! Thanks guys for reading and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Teeth whitening treatment

You have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging much over the past few months, well I’m back again and feeling more determined than ever!

On May 10th, I had my appointment with The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists to get my teeth whitened. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous about getting this done as I had never been to one of these clinics before! This company have clinics in Swords, Dundrum, Galway, and Belfast. I chose to make my appointment for Galway as it was the closest clinic for me to travel to.

I had my appointment for 1PM and the treatment length was one hour. I met a girl named Emma, who was relaxed and easy to speak to. She was very informative and fully explained to me what was involved in the treatment. I went in to the treatment room where Emma did an inspection of my teeth just to make sure they were in good condition before starting!

My first thought was that the clinic was very clean and everything looked very well organised. Firstly I placed a cheek retractor in my mouth to help show all my teeth clearly and hold back my lips. Emma made sure the retractor was in place, and also adjusted the position of the chair to make it more comfortable as I would be sitting there for the next hour.

My teeth were compared against a chart to figure out which shade my teeth were before beginning! Emma informed me that my teeth were already above the average level of shade, which I was happy to hear as I take good care of my teeth daily! I lied back in the chair, and let Emma work her magic.

I placed glasses over my eyes to protect my eyes during the light process. An activation gel was applied to my teeth for a few minutes before the whitening process began. Emma applied a gel from a syringe to my top and bottom row of teeth. She made sure I was comfortable in my position and aligned the light over my mouth to start the treatment. The gel was applied a total of three times, once every fifteen minutes. There was also a television in the room which was great as i sometimes find it hard to sit idle!

The whole process was completely painless and overall a very pleasant experience. Emma constantly checked on me to make sure the treatment was going smoothly. When the treatment was over, I rinsed my mouth with water to get rid of any remaining gel and I could not wait to see my new teeth! Emma once again compared my teeth to the chart and I could not believe the difference that an hour had made. My teeth looked a lot brighter and even some of the plaque had dissolved during the treatment. I was thrilled! I took some pictures of my teeth before and after so you can see the difference for yourself.

This is the photo before the treatment:

This is the photo after the treatment:

Overall, I would highly recommend The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists! The whole process from start to finish was amazing and I couldn’t have met a nicer girl than Emma on the day! She was very pleasant and very helpful.

I also want to mention that while this is a sponsored post, the entire review is wrote in my own words and not influenced by anyone else! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Fat free 3in1

Heya, I love a 3in1 from the Chinese but as I’m following a fitness plan, I won’t be visiting the Chinese any time soon! I decided to make my own, which is just as good and is basically fat free. I started off by getting my ingredients ready:

  1. Boil in the bag basmati rice
  2. Unislim rustic cut chips
  3. Mayflower medium curry sauce mix

I started by boiling a bag of this rice for 10-12 minutes. I used this basmati rice as it has very low sugars and saturated fat. 0.1g to be exact. While this was cooking, I prepared the chips.

I used these unislim chips as they also have very low saturated fat content. I placed the chips into the airfryer and set it for 17 minutes. The next thing I did was to cook 2 eggs in a frying pan and then add in the cooked rice and mix it together.

I cooked the curry by adding 2 tablespoons of powder to a sauce pan and adding enough water until I was happy with the texture of it. This curry tastes even better than the Chinese curry, it has to be tried to be believed. It’s amazing! 😍 Let the curry simmer for a few minutes while placing the rice and chips onto a plate. When you are ready, pour the curry over the rice and chips together, and enjoy! 😍

Wild Irish seaweed 

This week, I have a couple of products to try out thanks to Michéal from Wild Irish Seaweed. The first product I tried was the dillisk sprinkles. As you all know by now, I’m in the middle of a lifestyle change, which involves cutting out rubbish foods such as sugar, chocolate etc. I was very excited to try out this dillisk as it is very high in iron and vitamins. This dillisk contains no artificial preservatives or flavourings. Nothing is added or taken away from the great taste. Dillisk has a salty taste, so that makes it the perfect alternative to using salt. I usually cook a stir fry for dinner, I sprinkled some of this in to my stir fry and it was delicious. Here is the link for the dillisk sprinkles if you would like to purchase one for yourself 👉 Dillisk Sprinkles

The next product I tried out was the seaweed infused face and body oil. This oil is an infusion of irish kelp and coconut oil. I found this fantastic and my mother also finds it great, she has been using it every day since! Simply hold it up and spray it onto your face directly and rub it in or spray onto hands. It’s great for dry skin and leaves your skin with a great glow afterwards. This oil helps to draw out heavy metals from your body as well as containing vitamin B12, which is found in red meat. Brilliant stuff would highly recommend it. You can purchase this oil by clicking this link 👉 Face & Body Oil

The third product which I was given was the seaweed bath. This seaweed bath is very simple to use, and it doesn’t take long to get it set up and ready! The packaging is great and comes with very clear instructions on the back. 

You simply open the packet, tie the strings around the tap in the bath, put in the stopper, and turn on the water.

Once the bath is full, open the strings and let the bag submerge in the water. You can keep the seaweed in the bag or open it and let it float around, whichever you prefer. I’m more of a lazy type of person so I kept it in the bag as it was quicker to clean up after! This seaweed bath has many health benefits, including:

  1. Promotes circulation
  2. Lymph circulation 
  3. Supports endocrine system 
  4. Heals surface wounds 
  5. Helps eliminate excess fluid in body tissues 

This seaweed bath is great stuff and you will fell great after it. It can even be ordered in a gift box, it’s the ideal gift for someone special! Check it out here 👉 Seaweed Bath. 

 The fourth and final product I have it the sea salad. I found this my favourite product as it is a mix of five different seaweed and is the perfect addition to a stir fry, chowder, or soup. The seaweed is chopped up into small pieces and the taste is amazing. I will continue to use this product daily and it will help out with my fitness journey! 

I can’t recommend this product enough for anyone who enjoys soup, chowder etc. You will not be sorry you bought this product, I promise you! Here’s the link 👉 Sea Salad. 

Thanks guys for reading, hope you all enjoy your seaweed! I would love to see photos of what food you make or even a selfie with the face mask on! You can send them to me on Snapchat, here’s my snapcode:


Flanagans seafood bar

Earlier in the week, I was contacted by a member of staff at Flanagans bar about their new seafood bar/restaurant which is now open. Flanagans is located on the Main Street in Lahinch, county Clare. I have often been in Flanagans bar with friends and when I heard about the seafood bar I could not wait to try it out!

I was invited to visit the restaurant for a taste of their new menu. Myself and my sister Jennifer were looking forward to having our meal. The menu looked fantastic and the staff were so welcoming to us when we arrived.

We were amazed by the choice of selection on the menu, they had everything! The hardest part was trying to decide what we should order. I ordered the fish and chips, while Jennifer ordered the fresh crab open sandwich, which was fresh crab meat served on homemade brown bread. It looked amazing and we could not wait to dig in🍴

Our meal was perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Flanagans. From start to finish, it was very enjoyable. I love fish and chips, and this was by far the best fish and chips dinner I have ever tasted. The tartar sauce was the perfect dip and the green peas made it even better 😍 The bar is in an ideal location with many visitors visiting for holidays. I would highly recommend a visit to Flanagans for your seafood dinner, you will not regret it!

You can check out their Instagram page to keep up to date with photos of their fab dinners @flanaganslahinch 🦀 Thanks to Alan and Olan for inviting us to visit your beautiful establishment. We cannot wait to visit again soon 😊