Our fishing trip 

Today myself and my father went on our first fishing trip. We went for the two hour fishing trip which also brought us on a tour of our local area which would never have been visible from the land. We set off on our trip from the pier in Doonbeg, Co. Clare. Our boat driver was Cathal and he was very welcoming to us when we arrived. Cathal is the owner of Doonbeg Adventures who run boat trips to the Aran islands, fishing trips, and also bicycle hire. The boat was very comfortable with plenty of space for everyone.

We had just left the pier with five minutes and we had already started to see plenty of activity out at sea. There were many different species of birds to be seen, and we had a group of dolphins swim right beside the boat showing off some of their moves!

I haven’t seen dolphins since I was a young child, so I loved getting to see them so close to us. There were about six or seven dolphins all around the boat, it was great!

We carried on our journey and we shortly arrived at a place called ‘The Horseshoe’. The name is self explanatory as it’s the best way to describe this place. It was a small cove in the shape of a horseshoe which we were able to go in around and have a look at.

The whole place was full of jellyfish which was also very exciting to see. The next part was to move back out to the sea for the fishing 🎣 We left the horseshoe and made our way back out into the middle of the ocean. The views were absolutely beautiful from where we were. The camera doesn’t do justice to this beautiful place.

When the boat was in the right location, the fishing started 😎  This was my favourite part as I have never been fishing from a boat before. I was a bit nervous at the start but within two minutes of the line entering the water, I had a fish!

This was the first fish I caught and it was a nice size. It is a pollock which I’m sure will be delicious for dinner tomorrow. Within minutes we had multiple fish caught, there were lots of fish in the area at the time. We caught a mixture of pollock and mackerel. Our driver Cathal was very helpful and showed us how to let out the line and explained everything to us.

This is a photo of myself, just after catching three mackerel at the same time! Cathal was a great help with removing the fish from the hooks, as it can be quite painful to get stuck with one of them while the fish is jumping around.

Myself and my father were delighted with our evening out fishing, I would recommend this trip 100% to anyone who enjoys fishing. It was brilliant, I cannot wait to go fishing again with Doonbeg Adventures another evening soon! It was such an enjoyable trip and it’s great to see the beauty of our coast here in county Clare. Many of you have been asking me about this company, so here is a link to their Facebook page to keep up to date with upcoming trips or to make a booking: Doonbeg Adventures Facebook. This is definitely a trip that the whole family can enjoy together. Thank you to Cathal and his family for looking after us so well on board your boat. Can’t wait to visit again soon! 🐟🎣

Homemade baked crisps

As most of you who follow me on snapchat will know, I’ve started a new healthy lifestyle. One of the parts of this new change is to cut out crisps and chocolate and items containing high fat and sugar content. Today I baked my own crisps, which are fat free and taste just as good.

  1. 1 washed raw potato
  2. Mandoline slicer
  3. Oven set to 230 degrees
  4. Brown paper
  5. Seasoning

I washed a raw potato and sliced it in the middle. I then sliced it up using the mandoline slicer to cut nice even slices. Boil the slices for 5 minutes and take them out of the pot. The next thing to do is to dry all the slices and lay them down on the brown paper. Sprinkle a bit of seasoning, I used a bit of salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes 👌🏽

Start of my fitness journey

It’s that time of year again for me to start exercising and cutting out rubbish food. For those of you who know me, I usually go on about 4 diets a year with each one only lasting for a couple of days normally. The reason these diets don’t work for me are because once I start the diet, I stop eating everything that I would normally eat, and concentrate mostly on eggs, beans, fruit, and vegetables. I now realise that this is the wrong thing to do, and the trick is to cut out these bad foods one at a time instead of going crazy and giving them all up together.

Now I will admit, I’m not a big fan of exercise. To be very honest, I hate it! Even the thought of going exercising is enough for me to stay sitting on the couch eating a share bag of doritos 😂

The part that I find most important for anything is to get all the correct gear before you start! I started off by getting myself a triathlon watch(I know, it’s probably a waste). I bought the Garmin 920XT after getting recommendations from a couple of people I know in my local triathlon club. The main reason I got this watch is because it can track your swimming, and as I am a swimming instructor, I can spend a lot of time in the water! I like this watch because it connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can keep records of how you are getting on, and it also shows you notifications such as new text messages, new snapchats, straight to your watch ⌚️

The only thing about this watch is that is it quite expensive! So far I’m loving this watch, and I am constantly checking it to see how many steps I have walked so far each day 😂

The next thing I had to get for my fitness journey was a nice pair of shoes. I have my wardrobe full of shoes at this stage, many of which are still in boxes! 😅 I decided to get these Nike runners, mostly because I liked the colour of them as they are very bright so they will stand out. The only thing I will say about getting new shoes is that you ‘break them in’ before setting off walking or running. I didn’t realise I had to do this the first time I used them and I came home with my two heels all cut and blistered. This caused me a lot of discomfort while walking around the house afterwards.

So anyways, back to the fitness part again, I downloaded an application to my phone called ‘MapMyRun’ which you can use if you do not have a watch to do it for you. This app uses your GPS location to find out where you start your walk from and shows you the route that you walked on a map, as shown below:

Day 1For my first walk, I went with a few friends to make it easier and the time goes a lot faster when you have someone to talk to, rather than walking alone. We set off on our hike with all the gear ready to go. We decided to take t handy for the first day, as I didn’t want to be getting any cramps or anything that would turn me off the idea of exercising again 😅 The walk took 55:21 minutes and we walked a distance of 5.43 kilometres. I know this was rather slow, but I was delighted for my first time walking this distance ever 😇

When I came home, i was staving. Instead of eating a bag of crisps, I decided I would cook scrambled eggs and baked beans as they are a lot healthier than anything else I would usually eat! I am going to continue this walk and try to walk a bit faster and a bit longer each day. If you would like to see more updates of my journey, you can follow me on Snapchat @patrickmungovan and we will work through this together 😊 You can let me know if you have any tips or suggestions 👍🏽

Day 2: The second day of my fitness journey went great. I had pasta for my dinner, no chocolate and no crisps. This was a huge success for me as I eat all these rubbish foods on a daily basis. I went for my walk again with friends. We did the same route as the previous day but just made it a small bit longer today. Today we walked 5.66 kilometres in 1:00:37 hours long. My feet were a bit sore today from the blisters I had on the backs of my heels, but nothing that a few plasters wouldn’t sort!


Firstly I’d like to say thank you to Michaela at NaturalSkincare for sending me these products to try out. I received the 3in1 shower gel and also the mens moisturising cream.

The first product I tried out was the shower gel. As it’s a 3in1 product, it works for your hair, body, and face.

I found this great, it contains bamboo and organic guarana which have a very nice smell. It’s great to use and I found it works great as a replacement for Shampoo also. The product is made and produced in Germany. One of the main reasons I liked this shower gel is because the company are against testing their products against animals, and it is also 100% free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives. I would highly recommend this product and the smell lasts all day! You can find this product by clicking the following link: 3in1 Shower Gel.

The next product that I found great is the moisturising cream. This cream works great as I’m a swimming instructor so I could often been in the water for hours in a row, leaving my skin all wrinkly and dry afterwards. I have never used a moisturiser before, but I have to say I found it great and it dries in really quickly. Very happy with this product. The organic ginko and bamboo help with your skin elasticity and helps to remove wrinkles. I would recommend this product and I find it great. It can be used at morning and at night! To find out more about this or to purchase, check out this link: Moisturising Cream

New snapchat update 

Hi guys. So as ye know there’s a new snapchat update available and I just wanted to help explain what the new update is about. In my opninon, this new update can easily be used as a tracker or even to spy on a friend at any given time!

In this new update, you can see exactly where your friends are and how long ago they were there. I can see this new update causing lots of problems for people, whether you are not supposed to be in a place where you are, or you live alone and you are out of the house etc.

I posted a couple of snapchat videos warning my followers of the dangers, I had numerous replies asking me what it was about and they didn’t know how to use it.

So firstly, when you are on your camera screen, such as the photo below:

The next thing to do is to put 2 fingers on the screen and move them together as if you were zooming out of a photo. It will then bring you to a screen with a map on it and you can see where your friends are, as shown below:

You can click each bitmoji to see which friend is at a location and if you keep zooming in to them, you can even see what building they are in at that time. I zoomed into myself on the map and you can clearly see which house I am at right now:

I can see a lot of major problems with this new update and my advice to anyone using snapchat would be to disable this feature as soon as you can. Luckily enough, this can be disabled very easily. To disable this feature simply follow my instructions below:

1. Zoom in and click your bitmoji

2. Click ‘Tap for settings’ at the bottom of the screen

3. Turn on ‘Ghost Mode’

4. Once you have this done, a small sign with a ghost will appear over your bitmoji, only you can see your location once this has been done

Thanks for reading guys and if you would like to follow me on snapchat, here’s my snapcode:

My favourite live singers in county Clare 

I love to hear local talent from the county and these are my favourite solo singers from the banner county! It’s great to see that we have such great talent and the music these guys sing cannot be faulted. The one thing I would love would be to see Damien and Clodagh perform together 😍

  • Damien Gormley 

I can’t even count how many times I have heard Damien singing. He’s definitely has to be my number one favourite solo singer in Clare. Damien is one of the most genuine and nicest singers that I’ve ever spoke to. He is always up for the laugh and never fails to play any of our requests when we meet him. He sings a great version of ‘The Rattlin Bog’ with great enthusiasm. Damien can sing music to suit any age group and always keeps the crowd moving all night. Great entertainer would highly recommend for a party! Damien performs every Thursday night in the nineteenth bar Lahinch for the summer. Check out his Facebook page to see his videos: Damien Gormley Live Music.

  • Clodagh Lawlor 

Clodagh is an excellent and experienced singer who can often be seen performing on the streets of Galway city. She is a singer and also a songwriter who has wrote some brilliant songs of her own. Clodaghs voice is fantastic and she often records covers of very well known songs which are always flawless. She is very well known for her singing and she mostly performs as a wedding singer. Clodagh was recently on a trip to Nashville to work on her music career which will definitely be a huge success! Have a look at her Facebook page for some covers of well known songs: Clodagh Lawlor Music.

  • Patrick Roche

Patrick is known by everyone in county Clare for his band which regularly perform at weddings near and far. Patrick Roche performs by himself and also with his band. He can sing a bit of everything, from rock and roll, to present day music. Patrick is very nice to talk to and always attracts a large crowd wherever he goes! Lots of people travel around to follow him and there is even a group on Facebook ‘The Patrick Roche Fan Club’ which has over 800 members to find out where he is performing and what dates. Very highly recommend him, excellent for a wedding, he will keep you up dancing all night! Here’s his Facebook page: Patrick Roche Band

Homemade spicebag

I love nothing more than a spicebag for dinner and what better way to enjoy one by making it myself at home. I had seen this spice bag seasoning mix for sale and I could not wait to try it out!

So firstly, I went to SuperValu to purchase a tub of spice bag seasoning powder for the flavouring.

The next thing that I got was a red and green pepper and also a banana shallot. I cut up half of each pepper along with half of the shallot and mixed together on a plate.

I cooked the peppers and shallot in a frying pan on low heat using a spray cooking oil. While that was cooking, I put a handful of chips into the air fryer for 16 minutes. You can make homemade chips for this or whatever type of chips that you prefer.

The next part was the chicken. Any type of chicken can be used for the spicebag so I decided to use birds eye chicken dippers for mine. I cooked 11 chicken dippers in my fan oven at 190 degrees for 15 minutes. When that was cooked, I took it out of the oven and cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

The reason I used this chicken is because it already had a batter on it, and to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered making a batter and cutting the chicken breast myself!

I put the chicken and the chips all into the frying pan with the peppers and shallot and mixed it all up.

I sprinkled on the spice bag seasoning into the frying pan and mixed it up. Be careful not to use too much of the seasoning as it has a very strong taste if too much is used. I let it sit for a minute or 2 and then served it onto a plate covered in brown paper.

I used the brown paper just to make it look better because any time I get a spicebag from the Chinese, it comes served in a brown paper bag.

The spice bag seasoning mix is available in SuperValu stores throughout Ireland and it will last for ages.

Carbonated bubble clay mask

This weeks product review is the carbonated bubble clay mask. Some of you might have seen these masks in videos on Facebook where it turns your face into a ‘foam cloud’

I’ve seen lots of photos and videos of people using this mask, so my beauty product reviewer, my mother, couldn’t wait to give it a go.

She first started by washing off any make-up from her face and rinsing with warm water. Make sure your face is fully dry before applying. The clay mask comes with a small spatula to help apply it.

My mother then covered all of her face with the mask and left to dry for 20 minutes.

It looks wet when first applied but give it a few minutes and the bubbles will start to appear.

This mask is great craic to use and it’s funny watching all the bubbles appear. After about 20 minutes it’s ready to be washed off. The mask is great to clear out any pores and clean the skin on your face. Geraldine had a great experience with this face mask and she loved it. She could even feel the mask starting to foam.

Overall – This is a great and enjoyable product to use, but do not put the mask too close to your nostrils or eyes as it will start to foam and expand 😂

Mint aero cheesecake 

I really like cheesecake so when I saw this recipe online I just had to share it with you.

Ingredients needed:

  1. 3oz melted butter
  2. 12 digestive biscuits
  3. 2 large mint aero bars
  4. 250ml whipping cream
  5. 320g Philadelphia soft cheese Cadbury chocolate flavour
  6. 250g icing sugar


  1. Crush the digestive biscuits to your preference and slowly add in the melted butter
  2. Line the tin with cling film to make it easier remove the cheesecake when finished
  3. Cover the tin with the crushed biscuit mix
  4. Mix the Philadelphia cheese with the icing sugar
  5. Whip the cream and add it to the Philadelphia and icing sugar
  6. Grate the 2 aero bars
  7. Mix in some of the aero bars and spread the mixture evenly into the tin
  8. Sprinkle the rest of the aero bars on top and leave to set in the fridge overnight

Now just a little bit of advice – Do not eat much of this as you could possibly gain 3 pounds per slice 😂

UPDATE: This is my homemade version of the cheesecake 😂😂 Didn’t really go as planned 😂


Blog awards nomination

Hiya, So as most of you know by now my blog has been nominated for the Beauty Blog Awards 2017 and I’m absolutely thrilled to be nominated for 3 categories this year.

The categories I have been nominated for are as follow:

  1. Best Social Media Page
  2. Best Newcomer Blog
  3. Best Lifestyle Blog

I know that I’m up against the best in the business and it’s now up to all my followers to please vote for me to help me get shortlisted for one of these awards. I am extremely happy to have been nominated for 3 categories at such an early stage with my blogging.

I would be so thankful if you could please vote for me by clicking this link: Blog awards vote.

It will be such an honour to attend the awards night on the 29th June in Dublin and I’m so excited to get to meet the most well known bloggers in Ireland at this event. Thanks for reading and a big thank you to those of you who nominated me 😘