Fat free 3in1

Heya, I love a 3in1 from the Chinese but as I’m following a fitness plan, I won’t be visiting the Chinese any time soon! I decided to make my own, which is just as good and is basically fat free. I started off by getting my ingredients ready: Boil in the bag basmati rice  Unislim […]

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Wild Irish seaweed 

This week, I have a couple of products to try out thanks to Michéal from Wild Irish Seaweed. The first product I tried was the dillisk sprinkles. As you all know by now, I’m in the middle of a lifestyle change, which involves cutting out rubbish foods such as sugar, chocolate etc. I was very excited […]

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Flanagans seafood bar

Earlier in the week, I was contacted by a member of staff at Flanagans bar about their new seafood bar/restaurant which is now open. Flanagans is located on the Main Street in Lahinch, county Clare. I have often been in Flanagans bar with friends and when I heard about the seafood bar I could not […]

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Homemade baked crisps

As most of you who follow me on snapchat will know, I’ve started a new healthy lifestyle. One of the parts of this new change is to cut out crisps and chocolate and items containing high fat and sugar content. Today I baked my own crisps, which are fat free and taste just as good.  […]

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Homemade spicebag

I love nothing more than a spicebag for dinner and what better way to enjoy one by making it myself at home. I had seen this spice bag seasoning mix for sale and I could not wait to try it out!  So firstly, I went to SuperValu to purchase a tub of spice bag seasoning […]

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Mint aero cheesecake 

I really like cheesecake so when I saw this recipe online I just had to share it with you.   Ingredients needed: 3oz melted butter  12 digestive biscuits  2 large mint aero bars 250ml whipping cream  320g Philadelphia soft cheese Cadbury chocolate flavour  250g icing sugar  Instructions:  Crush the digestive biscuits to your preference and […]

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Homemade chicken fried rice

I went out last night and the one thing I love after being out is Chinese. My local Chinese was closed this morning and I was starving! I had no other choice but to make my own, and I will definitely be making it again, it’s simple and easy to make. It tasted even better […]

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