My favourite live singers in county Clare 

I love to hear local talent from the county and these are my favourite solo singers from the banner county! It’s great to see that we have such great talent and the music these guys sing cannot be faulted. The one thing I would love would be to see Damien and Clodagh perform together 😍

  • Damien Gormley 

I can’t even count how many times I have heard Damien singing. He’s definitely has to be my number one favourite solo singer in Clare. Damien is one of the most genuine and nicest singers that I’ve ever spoke to. He is always up for the laugh and never fails to play any of our requests when we meet him. He sings a great version of ‘The Rattlin Bog’ with great enthusiasm. Damien can sing music to suit any age group and always keeps the crowd moving all night. Great entertainer would highly recommend for a party! Damien performs every Thursday night in the nineteenth bar Lahinch for the summer. Check out his Facebook page to see his videos: Damien Gormley Live Music.

  • Clodagh Lawlor 

Clodagh is an excellent and experienced singer who can often be seen performing on the streets of Galway city. She is a singer and also a songwriter who has wrote some brilliant songs of her own. Clodaghs voice is fantastic and she often records covers of very well known songs which are always flawless. She is very well known for her singing and she mostly performs as a wedding singer. Clodagh was recently on a trip to Nashville to work on her music career which will definitely be a huge success! Have a look at her Facebook page for some covers of well known songs: Clodagh Lawlor Music.

  • Patrick Roche

Patrick is known by everyone in county Clare for his band which regularly perform at weddings near and far. Patrick Roche performs by himself and also with his band. He can sing a bit of everything, from rock and roll, to present day music. Patrick is very nice to talk to and always attracts a large crowd wherever he goes! Lots of people travel around to follow him and there is even a group on Facebook ‘The Patrick Roche Fan Club’ which has over 800 members to find out where he is performing and what dates. Very highly recommend him, excellent for a wedding, he will keep you up dancing all night! Here’s his Facebook page: Patrick Roche Band

Blog awards nomination

Hiya, So as most of you know by now my blog has been nominated for the Beauty Blog Awards 2017 and I’m absolutely thrilled to be nominated for 3 categories this year.

The categories I have been nominated for are as follow:

  1. Best Social Media Page
  2. Best Newcomer Blog
  3. Best Lifestyle Blog

I know that I’m up against the best in the business and it’s now up to all my followers to please vote for me to help me get shortlisted for one of these awards. I am extremely happy to have been nominated for 3 categories at such an early stage with my blogging.

I would be so thankful if you could please vote for me by clicking this link: Blog awards vote.

It will be such an honour to attend the awards night on the 29th June in Dublin and I’m so excited to get to meet the most well known bloggers in Ireland at this event. Thanks for reading and a big thank you to those of you who nominated me 😘

How to deal with the exams

I’ve been getting lots of snapchats in the last few days about how to deal with the exams, which can be extremely stressful for some people. It can be hard trying to cope with exams, whether it’s the junior cert or leaving cert! I completed my leaving cert 4 years ago this year and I still remember going into the exam hall and sitting there for a couple of hours at a time. Oh how I used to hate exams 😭

I think it’s fair to say that everyone hates exams, but unfortunately it is a crucial part of the education system. So I have a few tips here for how to manage the revision coming up to the exams:

  1. Take notes during class – I think this is one of the most important things to do to prepare for exams. When I was in school, I found it very boring to sit down and read through big paragraphs in the course book. When taking notes make sure that you only write down small keywords and important points, rather than a full sentence. This makes it easier to go back and revise what happened in the class.
  2. Put your phone away! – This is very important and it’s the part that I found the hardest. I’m literally glued to my phone all the time so when it came to studying, I seemed to always have the phone in my hand. When studying, turn off your phone, or even better, leave it in a different room. It’s impossible to concentrate on any study if your phone is making noise or the screen lighting up all the time. This can take up a lot of your study time, which is a total waste.
  3. Time management – Don’t sit down and study for hours without a break. Set up a timetable for yourself, for example, spend half an hour going through notes and studying for a subject, then take a ten minute break and change to a different subject when you come back again. It can get very boring and you can lose concentration easily if you study the same subject for too long.

On the day of the exam, this is the most stressful day when all you can do is think about the exam. I have a few tips below on how to stay calm on exam day:

  1. Stay hydrated – Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep you fresh and alert. Do not drink any fizzy drinks or coffee before an exam, you will find yourself very agitated in the exam hall and you won’t be able to concentrate on anything!
  2. Arrive to the exam hall early – If you arrive early, you won’t be panicking and you will be a bit more relaxed. At least this way, you’ll have plenty of time to get settled in to your seat and have all your things (pens, pencils, rulers, etc.) organised in front of you.
  3. Read the exam paper – When you get the exam paper, have a look through the paper and roughly decide how much time you will need to answer each part. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully so you will make less mistakes and you will answer the write question.
  4. Do not panic – If you don’t know the answer to a question, just stay relaxed and don’t stay sitting there looking at the question for half an hour. Move on to the next question and you can always come back to it again. It is just one of the many questions on your paper so don’t worry too much about it.

When the exam is over, the main thing I can tell you to do is just forget about the exam. I know when I did my leaving cert, we all used to discuss the answers to each question and talk about it for ages. It’s pointless talking about the exam after it, you cannot change your answers and it’s stressful if you find out you put down the wrong answer to one. There’s nothing you can do about it!

Remember – All you can do is try your best, the exams will come and go, it is something that we all have to go through at some stage in our lives.

Useful iPhone tip 

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great and enjoyable bank holiday weekend! So today I just wanted to share this iPhone tip with you that I think is extremely handy and important. I went out with my friends last Friday night for a few drinks and we are always messing with each other’s phones to try and guess the pin code to gain access.

I picked up my friends iPhone but it would not unlock because my finger print hadn’t been set up to work on his phone. It was just then that this idea came about.
I let my three friends set up their fingerprints on my iPhone 7+ so that, god forbid, if anything ever happened to me when I was out or if there was ever a problem that they needed to use my phone in an emergency, then they would be able to access it to contact someone. We then all passed our phones around one by one to set this up for each other. I know that on the iPhone you can have up to 5 fingerprints added at one time, I’m not too sure how many for a Samsung. I just said I would share this with you all as a small tip that could come in very useful for someone. At least by using the fingerprint scanner, the phone is still fully secure if it was lost or found by a stranger.

To set this up on an iPhone:

  1. Settings
  2. Touch ID & Passcode
  3. Fingerprints
  4. Add a fingerprint

Why I started to blog

Lots of you have been asking me why I have decided to set up this blog. The reason for this blog is to be able to tell stories about the daily things that happen in my life and to be able to write about what I like! I had been thinking about setting up a blog for some time now, and I read blogs very often. My main objective for this blog is that people enjoy what I write and I hope to learn new blogging skills along the way!

I set up this blog using as most of the blogs I have read are using this platform and it is very simple to use, that’s what I like about it! I created a like page on Facebook a couple of months back and it has gathered over 4600 followers since then. I have over 6000 on Instagram and Snapchat also. Snapchat and Instagram are a great way to share photos and videos but I thought i would like to create a blog to be able to write about these topics as well as sharing photos at the same time. You can follow me on Snapchat or instagram if you would like (Username: patrickmungovan)
Starting this blog has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and that is what I really look forward to. I am very happy that I set up this page, and thank you all so far for following my blog and the great messages 😊

A bit about myself

So for my first blog post, I will tell you about myself and where I’m from. As you know, my name is Patrick Mungovan and I come from the countryside of county Clare. I am 21 years of age. I have always had a big interest in social media and computers since I was a young age. I spend most of my day on my phone scrolling through Facebook or sending pictures on Snapchat, I usually post a photo or two on instagram every now and then 😎 I love to snapchat, I use it constantly throughout my day. You can follow me on snapchat using my snapcode:

I am the youngest in my family. I have two older sisters Majella and Jennifer, and an older brother Declan. I also had a twin brother Stephen and an older brother Michael but unfortunately they have both passed away due to unrelated tragic accidents. I live with my parents, Danny and Geraldine who run our family owned business Quilty Holiday Cottages. My parents own 32 holiday homes along the wild Atlantic way. Our holiday homes are overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with breathtaking views of the sea, without even having to leave the house! Spanish point is just across the bay.

I am a self employed swimming instructor and lifeguard. I work from home, in our private swimming pool which is based onsite at our holiday home complex. I work with my sister Jennifer and we teach swimming to the local kids and schools in the area. I enjoy my job, it’s great to see the kids looking so happy when they learn something new!

Thank you all for reading my first blog post and I already look forward to writing my next post!