Carbonated bubble clay mask

This weeks product review is the carbonated bubble clay mask. Some of you might have seen these masks in videos on Facebook where it turns your face into a ‘foam cloud’  I’ve seen lots of photos and videos of people using this mask, so my beauty product reviewer, my mother, couldn’t wait to give it […]

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Mint aero cheesecakeĀ 

I really like cheesecake so when I saw this recipe online I just had to share it with you.   Ingredients needed: 3oz melted butter  12 digestive biscuits  2 large mint aero bars 250ml whipping cream  320g Philadelphia soft cheese Cadbury chocolate flavour  250g icing sugar  Instructions:  Crush the digestive biscuits to your preference and […]

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Blog awards nomination

Hiya, So as most of you know by now my blog has been nominated for the Beauty Blog Awards 2017 and I’m absolutely thrilled to be nominated for 3 categories this year.  The categories I have been nominated for are as follow: Best Social Media Page Best Newcomer Blog Best Lifestyle Blog  I know that I’m up […]

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Airmid shampoo bar

Today I received one of these shampoo bars from Tina at Airmid Natural Irish Skincare. It is shampoo for your hair but it’s in a solid bar rather than a liquid. The bar I got is rosemary and wild Irish nettle. I couldn’t wait to have a shower to try it out! Airmid natural Irish […]

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How to deal with the exams

I’ve been getting lots of snapchats in the last few days about how to deal with the exams, which can be extremely stressful for some people. It can be hard trying to cope with exams, whether it’s the junior cert or leaving cert! I completed my leaving cert 4 years ago this year and I […]

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Useful iPhone tipĀ 

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great and enjoyable bank holiday weekend! So today I just wanted to share this iPhone tip with you that I think is extremely handy and important.Ā I went out with my friends last Friday night for a few drinks and we are always messing with each other’s phones to […]

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Homemade chicken fried rice

I went out last night and the one thing I love after being out is Chinese. My local Chinese was closed this morning and I was starving! I had no other choice but to make my own, and I will definitely be making it again, it’s simple and easy to make. It tasted even better […]

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Why I started to blog

Lots of you have been asking me why I have decided to set up this blog. The reason for this blog is to be able to tell stories about the daily things that happen in my life and to be able to write about what I like! I had been thinking about setting up a […]

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