Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve always said that I will always give a totally honest review of a product, whether it is a sponsored post or not I will always give my own personal opinion!

I tried out this deep sleep pillow spray for 3 nights, I had tried it last year but I didn’t find any advantage of using it, I was willing to give it one more chance!

I sprayed it onto my pillow and tried to sleep, as the instructions said. Personally I didn’t find this product any good, in fact I found that I was up for a few hours sneezing. My sister had also used the pillow spray and found that she was up sneezing too after lying down for a while.

The box says that it is clinically proven and also has a very high percentage of people who found that it worked for them. It’s use may differ with everyone but I didn’t find it any good for me!

There is also a very strong smell of lavender from this spray, which I found a bit strong at first. I would love to hear your thoughts on this product if you have ever tried it before! Please let me know 😘

Teeth whitening treatment

You have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging much over the past few months, well I’m back again and feeling more determined than ever!

On May 10th, I had my appointment with The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists to get my teeth whitened. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous about getting this done as I had never been to one of these clinics before! This company have clinics in Swords, Dundrum, Galway, and Belfast. I chose to make my appointment for Galway as it was the closest clinic for me to travel to.

I had my appointment for 1PM and the treatment length was one hour. I met a girl named Emma, who was relaxed and easy to speak to. She was very informative and fully explained to me what was involved in the treatment. I went in to the treatment room where Emma did an inspection of my teeth just to make sure they were in good condition before starting!

My first thought was that the clinic was very clean and everything looked very well organised. Firstly I placed a cheek retractor in my mouth to help show all my teeth clearly and hold back my lips. Emma made sure the retractor was in place, and also adjusted the position of the chair to make it more comfortable as I would be sitting there for the next hour.

My teeth were compared against a chart to figure out which shade my teeth were before beginning! Emma informed me that my teeth were already above the average level of shade, which I was happy to hear as I take good care of my teeth daily! I lied back in the chair, and let Emma work her magic.

I placed glasses over my eyes to protect my eyes during the light process. An activation gel was applied to my teeth for a few minutes before the whitening process began. Emma applied a gel from a syringe to my top and bottom row of teeth. She made sure I was comfortable in my position and aligned the light over my mouth to start the treatment. The gel was applied a total of three times, once every fifteen minutes. There was also a television in the room which was great as i sometimes find it hard to sit idle!

The whole process was completely painless and overall a very pleasant experience. Emma constantly checked on me to make sure the treatment was going smoothly. When the treatment was over, I rinsed my mouth with water to get rid of any remaining gel and I could not wait to see my new teeth! Emma once again compared my teeth to the chart and I could not believe the difference that an hour had made. My teeth looked a lot brighter and even some of the plaque had dissolved during the treatment. I was thrilled! I took some pictures of my teeth before and after so you can see the difference for yourself.

This is the photo before the treatment:

This is the photo after the treatment:

Overall, I would highly recommend The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists! The whole process from start to finish was amazing and I couldn’t have met a nicer girl than Emma on the day! She was very pleasant and very helpful.

I also want to mention that while this is a sponsored post, the entire review is wrote in my own words and not influenced by anyone else! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Wild Irish seaweed 

This week, I have a couple of products to try out thanks to Michéal from Wild Irish Seaweed. The first product I tried was the dillisk sprinkles. As you all know by now, I’m in the middle of a lifestyle change, which involves cutting out rubbish foods such as sugar, chocolate etc. I was very excited to try out this dillisk as it is very high in iron and vitamins. This dillisk contains no artificial preservatives or flavourings. Nothing is added or taken away from the great taste. Dillisk has a salty taste, so that makes it the perfect alternative to using salt. I usually cook a stir fry for dinner, I sprinkled some of this in to my stir fry and it was delicious. Here is the link for the dillisk sprinkles if you would like to purchase one for yourself 👉 Dillisk Sprinkles

The next product I tried out was the seaweed infused face and body oil. This oil is an infusion of irish kelp and coconut oil. I found this fantastic and my mother also finds it great, she has been using it every day since! Simply hold it up and spray it onto your face directly and rub it in or spray onto hands. It’s great for dry skin and leaves your skin with a great glow afterwards. This oil helps to draw out heavy metals from your body as well as containing vitamin B12, which is found in red meat. Brilliant stuff would highly recommend it. You can purchase this oil by clicking this link 👉 Face & Body Oil

The third product which I was given was the seaweed bath. This seaweed bath is very simple to use, and it doesn’t take long to get it set up and ready! The packaging is great and comes with very clear instructions on the back. 

You simply open the packet, tie the strings around the tap in the bath, put in the stopper, and turn on the water.

Once the bath is full, open the strings and let the bag submerge in the water. You can keep the seaweed in the bag or open it and let it float around, whichever you prefer. I’m more of a lazy type of person so I kept it in the bag as it was quicker to clean up after! This seaweed bath has many health benefits, including:

  1. Promotes circulation
  2. Lymph circulation 
  3. Supports endocrine system 
  4. Heals surface wounds 
  5. Helps eliminate excess fluid in body tissues 

This seaweed bath is great stuff and you will fell great after it. It can even be ordered in a gift box, it’s the ideal gift for someone special! Check it out here 👉 Seaweed Bath. 

 The fourth and final product I have it the sea salad. I found this my favourite product as it is a mix of five different seaweed and is the perfect addition to a stir fry, chowder, or soup. The seaweed is chopped up into small pieces and the taste is amazing. I will continue to use this product daily and it will help out with my fitness journey! 

I can’t recommend this product enough for anyone who enjoys soup, chowder etc. You will not be sorry you bought this product, I promise you! Here’s the link 👉 Sea Salad. 

Thanks guys for reading, hope you all enjoy your seaweed! I would love to see photos of what food you make or even a selfie with the face mask on! You can send them to me on Snapchat, here’s my snapcode: 

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to Michaela at NaturalSkincare for sending me these products to try out. I received the 3in1 shower gel and also the mens moisturising cream.

The first product I tried out was the shower gel. As it’s a 3in1 product, it works for your hair, body, and face.

I found this great, it contains bamboo and organic guarana which have a very nice smell. It’s great to use and I found it works great as a replacement for Shampoo also. The product is made and produced in Germany. One of the main reasons I liked this shower gel is because the company are against testing their products against animals, and it is also 100% free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives. I would highly recommend this product and the smell lasts all day! You can find this product by clicking the following link: 3in1 Shower Gel.

The next product that I found great is the moisturising cream. This cream works great as I’m a swimming instructor so I could often been in the water for hours in a row, leaving my skin all wrinkly and dry afterwards. I have never used a moisturiser before, but I have to say I found it great and it dries in really quickly. Very happy with this product. The organic ginko and bamboo help with your skin elasticity and helps to remove wrinkles. I would recommend this product and I find it great. It can be used at morning and at night! To find out more about this or to purchase, check out this link: Moisturising Cream