Teeth whitening treatment

You have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging much over the past few months, well I’m back again and feeling more determined than ever!

On May 10th, I had my appointment with The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists to get my teeth whitened. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous about getting this done as I had never been to one of these clinics before! This company have clinics in Swords, Dundrum, Galway, and Belfast. I chose to make my appointment for Galway as it was the closest clinic for me to travel to.

I had my appointment for 1PM and the treatment length was one hour. I met a girl named Emma, who was relaxed and easy to speak to. She was very informative and fully explained to me what was involved in the treatment. I went in to the treatment room where Emma did an inspection of my teeth just to make sure they were in good condition before starting!

My first thought was that the clinic was very clean and everything looked very well organised. Firstly I placed a cheek retractor in my mouth to help show all my teeth clearly and hold back my lips. Emma made sure the retractor was in place, and also adjusted the position of the chair to make it more comfortable as I would be sitting there for the next hour.

My teeth were compared against a chart to figure out which shade my teeth were before beginning! Emma informed me that my teeth were already above the average level of shade, which I was happy to hear as I take good care of my teeth daily! I lied back in the chair, and let Emma work her magic.

I placed glasses over my eyes to protect my eyes during the light process. An activation gel was applied to my teeth for a few minutes before the whitening process began. Emma applied a gel from a syringe to my top and bottom row of teeth. She made sure I was comfortable in my position and aligned the light over my mouth to start the treatment. The gel was applied a total of three times, once every fifteen minutes. There was also a television in the room which was great as i sometimes find it hard to sit idle!

The whole process was completely painless and overall a very pleasant experience. Emma constantly checked on me to make sure the treatment was going smoothly. When the treatment was over, I rinsed my mouth with water to get rid of any remaining gel and I could not wait to see my new teeth! Emma once again compared my teeth to the chart and I could not believe the difference that an hour had made. My teeth looked a lot brighter and even some of the plaque had dissolved during the treatment. I was thrilled! I took some pictures of my teeth before and after so you can see the difference for yourself.

This is the photo before the treatment:

This is the photo after the treatment:

Overall, I would highly recommend The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists! The whole process from start to finish was amazing and I couldn’t have met a nicer girl than Emma on the day! She was very pleasant and very helpful.

I also want to mention that while this is a sponsored post, the entire review is wrote in my own words and not influenced by anyone else! Thanks for reading! 🙂