5 Nights In Prague

My friends and I had spent a great Christmas together so we said we would start off the new year with a nice trip to Prague! Myself, Ryan, Megan, Jennifer, and Rachel hit off on the 3rd January from Dublin airport to spend the next 5 nights in the Czech Republic. The flight took two and a half hours so we managed it fine, as I tend to get agitated of sitting down on longer flights. We landed in Prague and the weather was just like it was in Ireland, but it’s what we expected so we weren’t disappointed. A taxi took us to our accommodation where we stayed for the next 5 nights. As there was a group of us traveling together, we booked a large apartment so we had our own sitting room and separate kitchen which was so cool. I have a video saved somewhere if any of you would like to see the inside of the apartment I’ll send it to you.

Prague looked fantastic and it reminded me a lot like Krakow in Poland. It was old fashioned but it was still a lovely city and the nightlife was great too. The St.Vitus cathedral was a two minute walk away from our apartment and it was very nice, the ideal spot for that Instagram perfect picture!

Also a reminder that the currency in Prague is called Czech Crowns. They do not accept Euro but there are lots of currency exchange shops all around the city.

Prague is just as nice during the day as it is during the night!

We found that the nightlife in Prague was very good! Just like Poland, there were people walking around the streets advertising a pub crawl which we took part in on a few of the nights so that we would get to see more of the city. The pub crawl brought us to all the best pubs and clubs in the city. We got to meet some great people some of who we still keep in contact with.

There is a huge nightclub called Karlovy Lazne which has multiple floors each of which play different types of music! It also included the famous ice pub and an oxygen bar. We had great fun in this nightclub but it is expensive. You have to pay just to get in, then anything else you wish to see is at an extra cost after that. Having said that, we still saw everything that there was to see!

The next thing we visited was the Charles bridge. It looked just as how I had imagined and it was great to finally see it in person. The only problem with it was that it was crowded with people. It was very busy and difficult to take a nice photo of it.

We walked the length of the bridge which only took a few minutes. Then we went to see the John Lennon wall which was also very cool.

Prague castle was next on our list but it involves a lot of walking. It seemed to take us forever to get to the top of it. There were literally hundreds of steps to go up and down! The view from the top was amazing and made it all worth while. You could see a lot of the city from standing at the top of the castle.

Oh and, isn’t the picture below one of the nicest ‘Instagram blogger poses’ you can imagine?

Drink and food is cheap in Prague, don’t forget to try out some of the local food which is delicious. The weather is similar to Ireland so I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful city. I’m from county Clare, it’s a real pity that Shannon airport don’t operate flights to and from Prague, as it would make the journey a lot shorter for us! Absolutely beautiful country, make sure to add it to your bucket list, you won’t regret it! I’m going to finish this with one more picture of my dinner which was soup served in a bread bowl. I can’t remember the correct name for this meal but it tasted great! Thanks guys for reading.