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My favourite time of the year is Halloween. I love the dark evenings in the winter so when I get to dress up for Halloween, it’s always so much fun!

PropShopper is Ireland’s newest costume store, selling a wide range of men’s, women’s, and kids costumes along with a great selection of makeup kits and even sugar glass!

When I got the chance to collaborate with PropShopper, I couldn’t give it a miss! I love nothing more than getting all dressed up and scary looking to frighten my parents haha!

I tried out the bullet wound kit. I found it very easy to apply and the instructions were very clear on the packaging too. I really liked the bullet wound as it is allergy and latex free, which makes it the ideal kit to apply as there’s no worry about any skin allergies from applying it!

That’s the kit in the above photo! I have tried kits similar to this before but I could never get them to stay on long enough, they would usually start to peel and fall off. This is definitely the best one I’ve tried over all the years, you apply it using water (much like the fake tattoos I used as a child).

You simply open the bullet wound, cut around it to make the ideal shape that you want, stick it to your hand and rub a sponge on the back of it to get it to transfer onto your arm/face etc.

I couldn’t wait for it to transfer to see what it looked like! My first impression was that it was well stuck on and there was no way it would fall off. Having said that, it is still simple to remove and painless.

I added some fake blood just to make it look a bit more realistic with the blood dripping off it! I was really happy with the way it came out!

If you want to check out the bullet wound you can click here – Bullet Wound.

  • PropShopper also added some cool new bits to their website today, including:
  • A wizard kit

    2 types of fake blood
    Long wavy siren wig
    Face paint
    Special effect throat wound

All of the above items are available here – PropShopper.

I also have a discount code which is PATRICKMUNGOVAN. If you enter that code at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order!

Thanks for reading, you can contact me if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help!

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