Homemade baked crisps

As most of you who follow me on snapchat will know, I’ve started a new healthy lifestyle. One of the parts of this new change is to cut out crisps and chocolate and items containing high fat and sugar content. Today I baked my own crisps, which are fat free and taste just as good.

  1. 1 washed raw potato
  2. Mandoline slicer
  3. Oven set to 230 degrees
  4. Brown paper
  5. Seasoning

I washed a raw potato and sliced it in the middle. I then sliced it up using the mandoline slicer to cut nice even slices. Boil the slices for 5 minutes and take them out of the pot. The next thing to do is to dry all the slices and lay them down on the brown paper. Sprinkle a bit of seasoning, I used a bit of salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes 👌🏽

Homemade spicebag

I love nothing more than a spicebag for dinner and what better way to enjoy one by making it myself at home. I had seen this spice bag seasoning mix for sale and I could not wait to try it out!

So firstly, I went to SuperValu to purchase a tub of spice bag seasoning powder for the flavouring.

The next thing that I got was a red and green pepper and also a banana shallot. I cut up half of each pepper along with half of the shallot and mixed together on a plate.

I cooked the peppers and shallot in a frying pan on low heat using a spray cooking oil. While that was cooking, I put a handful of chips into the air fryer for 16 minutes. You can make homemade chips for this or whatever type of chips that you prefer.

The next part was the chicken. Any type of chicken can be used for the spicebag so I decided to use birds eye chicken dippers for mine. I cooked 11 chicken dippers in my fan oven at 190 degrees for 15 minutes. When that was cooked, I took it out of the oven and cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

The reason I used this chicken is because it already had a batter on it, and to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered making a batter and cutting the chicken breast myself!

I put the chicken and the chips all into the frying pan with the peppers and shallot and mixed it all up.

I sprinkled on the spice bag seasoning into the frying pan and mixed it up. Be careful not to use too much of the seasoning as it has a very strong taste if too much is used. I let it sit for a minute or 2 and then served it onto a plate covered in brown paper.

I used the brown paper just to make it look better because any time I get a spicebag from the Chinese, it comes served in a brown paper bag.

The spice bag seasoning mix is available in SuperValu stores throughout Ireland and it will last for ages.