Get To Know Me Q&A

  • Hi guys, I decided to post a questions box on Instagram to let you ask me questions that you want answered! Thank you to everyone for the questions, I have narrowed it down to 20 as I’d be here all day trying to answer them all! Here we go…
  • 1. How many countries have you been to? Seven

    2. Did you go to college? I studied tourism and business in GMIT but I hated it so I didn’t finish it. I went on to join Profi Fitness School in Dublin where I completed my aqua fitness courses. Personally I think it’s a very hard decision trying to decide what to do after secondary school, I hadn’t a clue what I wanted so I ended up doing a course that I had no interest in. Take your time deciding and even take a year out of it helps you decide your college course or career for the future.

    3. Do you have any goals for the next few years? I’m not sure to be honest, things have been going great for me in 2019 so far so hopefully it’ll stay that way!

    4. Which is more important, quantity of friends or quality? Well for me this is an easy one to answer, 100% quality! It’s easy have 100 friends but the real ones are the ones who are always there for you through thick and thin. I’ve realized this a lot over the past few years and I am lucky to have a small group of great friends.

    5. Your favorite holiday? It would have to be when I visited my brother Declan in California. We flew into San Francisco and hired a car and traveled all the way down through California by the coast!

    6. Cat or dog? Dog

    7. How are you getting on working with Spin South West? I’m getting on great, I’ve always wanted to be a SPINI and I really love meeting new people and seeing new places.

    8. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Haha I knew this would be asked, to be honest I have more pairs still in boxes than what I wear! I’d say I have about 15 pairs altogether.

    9. Can you play an instrument? Yes, I played the tin whistle for about 6 years. I can also play the piano and fiddle.

    10. What’s your favorite accent to hear? I’ll have to say the Australian accent.

    11. I want to be a swimming instructor, would you recommend it? Yes I love working as a swimming instructor. I have been teaching lessons almost 8 years now and it’s very rewarding when I teach a child or adult to swim and seeing them so happy makes it all worth it!

    12. How tall are you? I am 6 foot tall.

    13. Do you prefer iPhone or Android? I prefer iPhone. I’m currently using the iPhone XS Max and I love it.

    14. What’s your date of birth? 11 September 1995.

    15. Tips for starting a blog? Just go for it! Write what you want to and the most important thing is that you enjoy it. I based my blog on WordPress which I find very easy to use, feel free to email me if you need any help with it!

    16. Your favorite food? Chicken.

    17. What is your favorite place in Europe? My favorite is Poland. I was there for a week in 2016 and it was such a lovely country and so much to do. We visited the salt mines and the concentration camp which were both very interesting to see.

    18. Which clothing brand do you prefer? When I’m not in swimming togs or wearing my Spin South West uniform, I’m more than like wearing a SuperDry or Diesel hoodie!

    19. What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a customs officer. I think it’s such a cool job and very interesting. There’s always different things to do every day and I would love that challenge.

    20. What camera do you use? I have the Canon EOS 750D. I got it in Harvey Norman and it’s one of my favorite gadgets that I always use.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

    I’ve always said that I will always give a totally honest review of a product, whether it is a sponsored post or not I will always give my own personal opinion!

    I tried out this deep sleep pillow spray for 3 nights, I had tried it last year but I didn’t find any advantage of using it, I was willing to give it one more chance!

    I sprayed it onto my pillow and tried to sleep, as the instructions said. Personally I didn’t find this product any good, in fact I found that I was up for a few hours sneezing. My sister had also used the pillow spray and found that she was up sneezing too after lying down for a while.

    The box says that it is clinically proven and also has a very high percentage of people who found that it worked for them. It’s use may differ with everyone but I didn’t find it any good for me!

    There is also a very strong smell of lavender from this spray, which I found a bit strong at first. I would love to hear your thoughts on this product if you have ever tried it before! Please let me know 😘