My favourite live singers in county Clare 

I love to hear local talent from the county and these are my favourite solo singers from the banner county! It’s great to see that we have such great talent and the music these guys sing cannot be faulted. The one thing I would love would be to see Damien and Clodagh perform together 😍

  • Damien Gormley 

I can’t even count how many times I have heard Damien singing. He’s definitely has to be my number one favourite solo singer in Clare. Damien is one of the most genuine and nicest singers that I’ve ever spoke to. He is always up for the laugh and never fails to play any of our requests when we meet him. He sings a great version of ‘The Rattlin Bog’ with great enthusiasm. Damien can sing music to suit any age group and always keeps the crowd moving all night. Great entertainer would highly recommend for a party! Damien performs every Thursday night in the nineteenth bar Lahinch for the summer. Check out his Facebook page to see his videos: Damien Gormley Live Music.

  • Clodagh Lawlor 

Clodagh is an excellent and experienced singer who can often be seen performing on the streets of Galway city. She is a singer and also a songwriter who has wrote some brilliant songs of her own. Clodaghs voice is fantastic and she often records covers of very well known songs which are always flawless. She is very well known for her singing and she mostly performs as a wedding singer. Clodagh was recently on a trip to Nashville to work on her music career which will definitely be a huge success! Have a look at her Facebook page for some covers of well known songs: Clodagh Lawlor Music.

  • Patrick Roche

Patrick is known by everyone in county Clare for his band which regularly perform at weddings near and far. Patrick Roche performs by himself and also with his band. He can sing a bit of everything, from rock and roll, to present day music. Patrick is very nice to talk to and always attracts a large crowd wherever he goes! Lots of people travel around to follow him and there is even a group on Facebook ‘The Patrick Roche Fan Club’ which has over 800 members to find out where he is performing and what dates. Very highly recommend him, excellent for a wedding, he will keep you up dancing all night! Here’s his Facebook page: Patrick Roche Band