Red Cliff Lodge Restaurant

I got a chance to visit the newly managed red cliff lodge restaurant in Spanish Point and I’m so glad I did! My friend and I couldn’t wait to try out the new food which looked delicious in the photos I had seen. On arrival at the restaurant, we were met by the lovely waitress Lauren and the owners Eimear & Chris (The chef, who went out of his way to come out of the kitchen and chat to us! 👏🏽). I had previously visited Chris & Eimear’s last restaurant in Lanzarote so it was such a great surprise to find out they were moving home to Ireland and that their new restaurant is so close to me! 🇮🇪

We were sat down at a lovely big table which was ideal for us considering how much food we were about to order! There’s a lovely relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean just across the road!

We visited for Sunday lunch and my first though of the menu was that it was full of choice! They have something to suit everyone and it also included a list of allergens which is great for those who may be allergic to something.

It was a tough decision to choose my starter but I decided to go with the potato & leek soup. The soup tasted great and was served with a plate of bread and butter which was also delicious.

Then we moved onto the main course, I ordered the pan fried chicken and my friend ordered the pork belly. The presentation was fantastic and it tasted just as good as it looked. We also got a serving of carrots & potato’s to go with our main course.

We barely had room left for the dessert but gave it a go anyways! I ordered the chocolate brownie which was served with honeycomb and brown bread ice cream which I had heard so much about so I couldn’t wait to dig in! The brownie was heated and was absolutely delicious, definitely one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever tasted!

My friend ordered the fudge ice cream sundae and he wasn’t disappointed either.

I would highly recommend the red cliff lodge restaurant for anyone looking for a top class meal at a very reasonable price. Whether you are a local to Spanish point or visiting the area, it well worth the visit but make sure you book ahead of time to avoid disappointment! I have attached a link for their Facebook page here. Check them out! Thank you Eimear & Chris for a fantastic meal, I cannot wait to visit again 😍

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve always said that I will always give a totally honest review of a product, whether it is a sponsored post or not I will always give my own personal opinion!

I tried out this deep sleep pillow spray for 3 nights, I had tried it last year but I didn’t find any advantage of using it, I was willing to give it one more chance!

I sprayed it onto my pillow and tried to sleep, as the instructions said. Personally I didn’t find this product any good, in fact I found that I was up for a few hours sneezing. My sister had also used the pillow spray and found that she was up sneezing too after lying down for a while.

The box says that it is clinically proven and also has a very high percentage of people who found that it worked for them. It’s use may differ with everyone but I didn’t find it any good for me!

There is also a very strong smell of lavender from this spray, which I found a bit strong at first. I would love to hear your thoughts on this product if you have ever tried it before! Please let me know 😘