Water Safety Awareness Challenge

Hey guys, so if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I recently set up a water safety awareness challenge where each day I posted some water safety tips and advice! I had planned to run the challenge for 14 days but for reasons out of my control, I only made it as far as day number 8! 😭 As promised, here are the tips I posted so that you can read over them again and hopefully have more knowledge of water safety and it’s importance especially as we enter into the summer season!

  • Day 1 – Lifeguard whistle meanings!
  • There are 4 types of whistle noises to listen out for!
    1. One short blast – the lifeguard is calling the attention of another pool user.
    2. Two short blasts – the lifeguard is calling the attention of another lifeguard.
    3. Three short blasts – the lifeguard is taking emergency action.
    4. One long blast – the lifeguard may be about to clear the pool and is calling the attention of all the pool users.

    Day 2 – Beach flags!

    There are three types of flags to watch out for while at the beach!

      Black & white flag – area only to be used by surfers etc. but no swimming allowed.
      Red flag – it is dangerous to swim and you should not enter the water.
      Red & yellow flag – safe to swim and there is a lifeguard on duty.

    Always keep between the flags on the beach and make sure there is a lifeguard on duty before you enter the water.

    Day 3 – Don’t hold your breath under water!

    This is one of the most dangerous things a person can do under the water. As a swimming instructor I know that most kids love to hold their breath under water for as long as possible. This can cause shallow water blackout and you can lose consciousness under water. If you are not rescued immediately, your lungs will fill with water and you will drown!

    Day 4 – The 3 simple rescues!

    1. Shout – use your voice to get the attention of the person and encourage them to come back to the shore.
    1. Reach – Using something to hold and reach out to the person in need. For example, a branch from a tree or clothing.
    2. Throw – Throwing a buoyant object to the person, such as a ringbuoy or anything that floats.

    Day 5 – How to throw a ringbuoy!

    This is extremely important to know, as everyone has seen one of these at some stage, whether at the beach, pool, river, lake etc.

    1. Grab the nearest ringbuoy and either stand on the end of the rope or hold it in your hand.
      Call the attention of the person in need keep communicating with them.
      Swing back the ringbuoy and throw forward using an under arm throw. Shout at the person that you are throwing the ringbuoy to them.
      Aim to throw it past the person so that you can pull it in close to them to grab a hold of.
      Keep reassuring the person and keep contact at all times while slowly pulling them to safety.

    Day 6 – Pool depth!

    Always remember to check how deep a pool is before you enter and also never dive into shallow water!

    Day 7 – Always learn how to use your equipment before trying it out!

    This is very important to remember, always make sure you understand what everything is for and how to use it correctly before you head out to the water! Never swim after anything drifting as you could get yourself into trouble if you swim out too far!

    Day 8 – No alcohol before swimming!

    Never consume alcohol before swimming as your judgement will be impaired and you may get yourself into a lot of danger in the water! Also remember never to eat just before swimming!

    Thanks to everyone for taking part in my water safety awareness challenge and for helping to make people more aware of the water! If you have any questions or anything else you would like to know, you can contact me by email which is; Hello@PatrickMungovan.com 😎 Until next time!

    Our fishing trip 

    Today myself and my father went on our first fishing trip. We went for the two hour fishing trip which also brought us on a tour of our local area which would never have been visible from the land. We set off on our trip from the pier in Doonbeg, Co. Clare. Our boat driver was Cathal and he was very welcoming to us when we arrived. Cathal is the owner of Doonbeg Adventures who run boat trips to the Aran islands, fishing trips, and also bicycle hire. The boat was very comfortable with plenty of space for everyone.

    We had just left the pier with five minutes and we had already started to see plenty of activity out at sea. There were many different species of birds to be seen, and we had a group of dolphins swim right beside the boat showing off some of their moves!

    I haven’t seen dolphins since I was a young child, so I loved getting to see them so close to us. There were about six or seven dolphins all around the boat, it was great!

    We carried on our journey and we shortly arrived at a place called ‘The Horseshoe’. The name is self explanatory as it’s the best way to describe this place. It was a small cove in the shape of a horseshoe which we were able to go in around and have a look at.

    The whole place was full of jellyfish which was also very exciting to see. The next part was to move back out to the sea for the fishing 🎣 We left the horseshoe and made our way back out into the middle of the ocean. The views were absolutely beautiful from where we were. The camera doesn’t do justice to this beautiful place.

    When the boat was in the right location, the fishing started 😎  This was my favourite part as I have never been fishing from a boat before. I was a bit nervous at the start but within two minutes of the line entering the water, I had a fish!

    This was the first fish I caught and it was a nice size. It is a pollock which I’m sure will be delicious for dinner tomorrow. Within minutes we had multiple fish caught, there were lots of fish in the area at the time. We caught a mixture of pollock and mackerel. Our driver Cathal was very helpful and showed us how to let out the line and explained everything to us.

    This is a photo of myself, just after catching three mackerel at the same time! Cathal was a great help with removing the fish from the hooks, as it can be quite painful to get stuck with one of them while the fish is jumping around.

    Myself and my father were delighted with our evening out fishing, I would recommend this trip 100% to anyone who enjoys fishing. It was brilliant, I cannot wait to go fishing again with Doonbeg Adventures another evening soon! It was such an enjoyable trip and it’s great to see the beauty of our coast here in county Clare. Many of you have been asking me about this company, so here is a link to their Facebook page to keep up to date with upcoming trips or to make a booking: Doonbeg Adventures Facebook. This is definitely a trip that the whole family can enjoy together. Thank you to Cathal and his family for looking after us so well on board your boat. Can’t wait to visit again soon! 🐟🎣