New snapchat updateĀ 

Hi guys. So as ye know there’s a new snapchat update available and I just wanted to help explain what the new update is about. In my opninon, this new update can easily be used as a tracker or even to spy on a friend at any given time!

In this new update, you can see exactly where your friends are and how long ago they were there. I can see this new update causing lots of problems for people, whether you are not supposed to be in a place where you are, or you live alone and you are out of the house etc.

I posted a couple of snapchat videos warning my followers of the dangers, I had numerous replies asking me what it was about and they didn’t know how to use it.

So firstly, when you are on your camera screen, such as the photo below:

The next thing to do is to put 2 fingers on the screen and move them together as if you were zooming out of a photo. It will then bring you to a screen with a map on it and you can see where your friends are, as shown below:

You can click each bitmoji to see which friend is at a location and if you keep zooming in to them, you can even see what building they are in at that time. I zoomed into myself on the map and you can clearly see which house I am at right now:

I can see a lot of major problems with this new update and my advice to anyone using snapchat would be to disable this feature as soon as you can. Luckily enough, this can be disabled very easily. To disable this feature simply follow my instructions below:

1. Zoom in and click your bitmoji

2. Click ‘Tap for settings’ at the bottom of the screen

3. Turn on ‘Ghost Mode’

4. Once you have this done, a small sign with a ghost will appear over your bitmoji, only you can see your location once this has been done

Thanks for reading guys and if you would like to follow me on snapchat, here’s my snapcode:

A bit about myself

So for my first blog post, I will tell you about myself and where I’m from. As you know, my name is Patrick Mungovan and I come from the countryside of county Clare. I am 21 years of age. I have always had a big interest in social media and computers since I was a young age. I spend most of my day on my phone scrolling through Facebook or sending pictures on Snapchat, I usually post a photo or two on instagram every now and then šŸ˜Ž I love to snapchat, I use it constantly throughout my day. You can follow me on snapchat using my snapcode:

I am the youngest in my family. I have two older sisters Majella and Jennifer, and an older brother Declan. I also had a twin brother Stephen and an older brother Michael but unfortunately they have both passed away due to unrelated tragic accidents. I live with my parents, Danny and Geraldine who run our family owned businessĀ Quilty Holiday Cottages. My parents own 32 holiday homes along the wild Atlantic way. Our holiday homes are overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with breathtaking views of the sea, without even having to leave the house! Spanish point is just across the bay.

I am a self employed swimming instructor and lifeguard. I work from home, in our private swimming pool which is based onsite at our holiday home complex. I work with my sister Jennifer and we teach swimming to the local kids and schools in the area. I enjoy my job, it’s great to see the kids looking so happy when they learn something new!

Thank you all for reading my first blog post and I already look forward to writing my next post!